Who we are?

We are a big family of professionals who are ready to help students from all stages of education life. Our team of professionals offer educational services to high school students, recent graduates, and also anyone who would like to learn foreign languages.

Our mission

We try hard to bridge the knowledge gap between students & teachers and make them succeed in their exams by capitalising on cutting edge technological advances.

Our Values

We know that the new generation is our future. Growing that future sustainably is in our hands. For this aim, we collaborate with both native and foreign teachers for nurturing a generation that will benefit their families, their nation and their society


You are not alone anymore in your preparation period for the next steps of your education life. Edu Gallery starts enrollment for new classes which will enable you getting your Bachelors or Masters degrees. We are ready to introduce you with comprehensive information that you need know about education in Turkish, European and American Universities.

High School students are welcome to study and bolster their knowledge of different subjects with us. Additionally, we offer to help you enrich your language skills and even help you to grasp Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects in English Language.


Our Popular Courses

Entrant preparation

During the course the admission program of DIM is reinforced to students by means of enhanced

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YÖS preparation

The purpose of this preparation is to organize study at the Turkish State Universities. Students

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SAT preparation

SAT courses are a curriculum organized for admission to European and American universities. Our educational

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Master preparation

Master's preparation is based on logic, informatics and English language. 2 or 3 times per

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Refresher courses

Refresher courses apply to V-VIII grade students. This course is mainly composed of mathematics, Azerbaijani

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Primary training

Classes are held on the basis of school programs approved by the Ministry of Education.

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Why choose us?

A Leading Education Center

Since the Edu Gallery introduced its university preparation and language learning provisions there has been a continual growth in the number of students on its courses, with over 100 now enrolled.

We have built a strong reputation as the leading education center in this region of the Baku for the delivery of courses preparing young people with and without learning difficulties for adulthood, to ultimately improve their life opportunities.

Diverse community

Alongside our work with students, we also support a high number of mainstream students, establishing a diverse community of young people, that is both safe and secure for all.

Meet the needs of the community

Having increased access to education for young people, Edu Gallery has placed itself at the heart of the community; ensuring local people have the ideal curriculum offer to get the best possible life chances.

Working very closely with local special and mainstream schools, we continue to listen to the needs of our learners to guarantee a smooth transition into, and throughout.  

In addition to this, all schools and interested parties have nice possibilities to consider with the Edu Gallery new ways to jointly support and develop the young people.

Recent News

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opening ceremony of edugallery

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